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To find good beans and deliver them to consumers We will become a messenger with trust and sincerity through continuous communication with the local community.

keep sharing good things We hope to become a mutually beneficial company that spreads the blessings of nature.

CONNECT When importing greenbeans from various countries, we share local information such as climate and crop conditions according to each country's harvest season and deliver the information to partners who are supplied with it. Responsible for planning and delivering supplies.

PARTNER For uniform quality of green beans, we make a direct contract with the farm in the producing area and aim for a trustworthy partnership through steady supply and demand every year.

QUALITY Specialized biodegradable plastic -Grainpro Supergrainbag- is used to maintain good quality of green beans and to safely deliver green beans locally.


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Blessbean's Purpose

We love our coffees

We're dreaming the world could be happy alltogether.

AMY Coffees

We concern about coffee farm's environment, education and sustainability. AMY coffees are Bless Bean's Brand name on Ethiopia, especialy very small village where out of electirctity, children's health and education and we make additional school and facilities for them.
In Ethiopia, 'TESTI Specialty Coffee' has been working with us for a long time with the same goal.

ET Yirgacheff G1 Aricha AMY
ET Sidamo G1 Bombe AMY
ET Bench Maji G1 Geisha AMY
ET Sidamo Arbegona PG1 Yahweh AMY

Coffees grown by Women

So many women are working at coffee farms. Still they don't get the same salary as men's and care their children, do household after work. Bless Bean's some coffees grown by women are sharing our advantages with the women farmers.

BR Cafe Delas NY2/3 SC17/18
HN Copan SHG EP Finca Yaunera
HN Copan SHG EP La Antena

Aurora Project

Some coffee farms are out of government's hand, especially when they come up against huge natural disaster like earthquake, flood or infectius disease. Aurora project is program for supporting coffee farms and people who needs help in Guatemala.

GT Finca Aurora Venecia
GT Huehuetenamgo Los Guayabales
GT San Geronimo Bourbon
GT Finca Santa Ana Venecia

Fair trading coffees

Fair trade's mission is to connect disadvantaged producers and consumers, promote fairer trading conditions and empower producers to combat poverty, strengthen their position and take more control over their lives.

PE Fairtrade Grade 1 Andes COCLA 85+
MX Chiapas SHG Las Chicharras


The way Bless Bean

Handles its Green beans


Bless Bean thoroughly manages the quality of coffee from farming to final delivery with partners from 13 coffee-producing countries around the world and 19 Q-graders.


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